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Top Three Places to Visit While in Sibiu, Romania

There are many popular cities in Romania but there is none as famous as Sibiu. Despite Sibiu evolving from its 12th-century roots, it has still managed to maintain its appeal and allure to tourists. Sibiu is so famous that in 2007 it shared the title of the European Capital of Culture with Luxembourg. In 2008, it was voted by Forbes as the eighth most idyllic place to live in Europe.

Upper Town and Lower Town

The heart of Sibiu is rich in medieval architecture and features stone walls, open squares, towers, centuries-old churches and buildings. Some of the most famous squares are the Piata Mica (the Small Square) and the Piata Mare (the Large Square) which are full of historical attractions. The city itself is actually divided into two sections, the Upper Town, and the Lower Town. During medieval times, the wealthy lived in the Upper Town, whereas the poor lived in the Lower Town. The two sections were separated by staircases which are still in existence today.

Traditional Folk Civilisation Museum

This museum is the second largest open-air museum in the world. It is spread over 96 hectares, and it showcases more than 300 buildings and houses, plus windmills, watermills and gigantic presses of fruits, oil, and wine which display the technological legacy of the country. Since online gambling has become legal in Pennsylvania, people are now able to see spinning fruits on their screens, another example of how far technology has come. Now, online casinos in PA are looking at some serious competition.

The Religious Landmarks

Sibiu is a multicultural city, and nothing shows that more than the churches. The city is full of many churches which display the architectural and religious context of the Hungarians, Saxons and Romanians.