Healthy looking hair, being a prominent attribute, is able to outclass the possessor’s personality since it can brighten one’s face and mood even when one is down. Many women confronted hair problems in this fast-paced life due to lack of proper attention. Hair can be made healthy, even by those who lead a busy life, only if some time is spent, and bit of effort is made. One of the most easy techniques for having a healthy hair is by using the best hair spray 2016. Healthy looking hair can be attained by following these tips.


The perfect tending provided to hair is a consistent, healthy diet, including certain foods which make the hair strong and healthy. Intake of larger amounts of water keeps hair shiny, silky and soft; therefore, you should drink a lot of water on an everyday basis. Taking proteins can make your hair more virile; it can be obtained from eggs, milk, cheese, cereals etc. Zinc, a mineral that inhibits hair loss, is present in meat, green vegetables and seafood. Other minerals like iron and copper make your hair lively. Found in fruits, vegetables, bread, eggs, milk and cereals, vitamins can lead to healthy hair. Vitamin A makes your scalp healthy, whereas Vitamin B and C encourage growth of hair and lessen split ends.


Cleanliness and hygiene are essential for the health and growth of hair. Properly brushing the hair, even before turning in for the night, and shampooing and conditioning it, in addition to rinsing it with cool rather than hot water, daily, or every other day, is imperative. These steps lead to removal of dirt, pollutants and harmful particles from the hair, improvement of texture, and provision of oxygen to the hair and the scalp. Moreover, dandruff in hair can be avoided if taken care of hygienically.

Quality Products

You should always use hair products in a wise manner. Since the excessive use of chemical products, like hair gel, styling mousse and hair spray, can damage hair texture, it is smart to consult a hair specialist before using a new product on your hair. Reliable products of brands that you have already sampled, and which are suitable for your hair, should ideally be used. Use pH balanced shampoo that is made for your hair type such as dry, normal, oily etc.


Trimming of hair is simply needed to attain healthy and long hair. Since ends of the hair get dried, frizzy and split, trimming is required every month, and will make hair grow longer, stronger and healthier, rapidly. Getting a haircut after sometime would be a good idea since it produces lush, healthy, and soft-looking hair.


Oiling is an essential treatment that should be given to your hair. It requires a little more time, but is the best remedy, and can make your hair very healthy. Different oils like mustard oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, jojoba oil etc, can be used to massage the scalp and roots of the hair. The oil massaging can stimulate blood circulation and can protect your hair from hot sun rays. This should be done at least thrice a week which would result in bouncy, healthy, shiny and strong hair.